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Clara is an enderly lonely woman, who wanders in between piled up paper stacks on the outskirts of the city. She goes through the landfill, picking up the small pieces she finds, that she later will use, for giving live to her dreams.
Every night, Clara cuts out with her scissors, hundreds of silhouettes to ease her loneliness. One day, during one of her walks, she sees an angel falling down the sky, a small paper creature, with a broken wing. The woman decides to take care of it, ultil it heals and can fly again. So, between care and her fantasies, a love grows and change their lives forever…





  • Creator and Director: Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez
  • Assistant Director and Executive Producer: Karina Hurtado
  • Puppeteers: Fátima Ramírez, Maimuna Achleitner, Claudia Anguiano, Gabriela Pescador, Alondra García, Susan Tax
  • Puppets Designer: Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez y Dionisiaca
  • Puppet-Makers: Dionisiaca, Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, Ana Zatarain
  • Stage Space Design and Lighting: Luis Manuel Aguilar “Mosco”
  • Handmade Paper Screen Making: Edwin Leonel Acón
  • Animation: Juan García
  • Spatial Sound Design: Gabriela Bautista
  • Stage Sound Assistant: DJ. Lennon
  • Costume Designer: Bernabé Covarrubias
  • Voice Off: Carlos Hugo Hoeich
  • Music: Terrae Ignota Gharana
  • Graphic Designer: Brenda Solís
  • Broadcasting: Julie Le Goudivès, Anael Rojas
  • Administration: Ana Zatarain
  • General Assistant: Liliana Rojas
  • Production: Luna Morena, Experimental Puppet Workshop