The Little Cirkus on the Moon

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Amazing beings coexist in it; beings who make the circus an incomparable experience through their tenacity.
The characters:
-Ikarus, who tries to find himself in the diferent circus trades: the musician, the juggler, the clown.
-The Weightlifter Caterpillar, who shows us its extraordinary strength.
-The Tightrope Walker Spider, who spins its great talent on a narrow rope.
-The Tamer, who finds his own cage.
-The Diva, who captivates the audience with her hypnotic voice.
...all of them make the circus an experience from another world...





  • Creation and direction: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Puppeteers: Ana Zatarain, Andrés David
  • Original Music: Saúl Ledesma, Klaus Mayer
  • Costumes: Mireya Contreras, Ana Zatarain
  • Stage design and llighting: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Puppet design and fabrication: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Nicolás López
  • Production: Luna Morena, Experimental puppet workshop