Memento Mori

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It is an experimental work without a “conventional” dramaturgy of the ater. Three characters take us through various media for a ride into being; Memories of childhood, experiences of frustration and memories of death appear; the need to fly to transcendent. The words are conjugated with highly symbolic objects, sounds, and other languages of art who guide our attention to be spectators of a mechanical stage where the meanings are translated in a different ways according to each viewer. In the end, the only certain thing is the feeling that produces the emptiness and silence…





  • Scenic direction: Danny Lefrancois
  • Artistic direction: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Direction and production assistant: Sara Moisan
  • Interpreteurs: Karina Hurtado, Andrés David, Meztli Robles
  • Executive production: li Robles Executive production:
  • Costum design: Andrés David
  • Puppets making and design: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Colaborativ design and sound stage space: ván Puig
  • Audio recording and editing: Paco Rosas
  • Executive production assistant: Claudia Anguiano
  • Subdirector of Luna Morena: Liliana Rojas
  • Administration: Ana Zatarain
  • Press and publications: Esteban Contreras, Luisa Guzmán y Perla Blas.
  • Management: Daniela López y Vianey Pérez
  • Apprentice: Fanny Tousignant
  • Thecnical director: Américo García
  • Stage hand: Luna Morena
  • Graphic Art design: Brenda Solís
  • Special Collaborations: María José Castelazo, Sarah Martín, Daniela Casillas, Fátima Ramirez, Paola Vidal, Arturo Castellanos, Nicolás López, Corine Eckenschwiller, Pablo Meza, Jeannette Letrado, Nano Cano, Mario Montaño.
  • Production: Luna Morena, Experimental Puppet Workshop