Emiliano y el tren
al inframundo

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Emiliano y el tren al inframundo is the protrait of the archetypal hero, in this case a child who embarks on a journey in search of his father through throught and the symbolism of death according to the Maya and other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican peoples.

During the journey, the child transforms his vision about the world around him. His ideas about the phenomenon of death, are strongly influenced by his grandfather, an old man with Indian blood, who became his mentor and guide in his journey through the underworld.

It is situated in the contemporary turbulent mongrel rich cultural mixtures and mergers México at all levels.





  • Script and direction: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Executive production: Liliana Rojas
  • Direction Assistant: Altagracia Vázquez
  • Production Assistant: Vianey Pérez
  • Administration: Ana Zatarain
  • Actress / Puppeteer: Karina Hurtado, Ana Elisa Fernández, Jossy Méndez, Alex Morán, Mely Ortega, Hossein Ortega, Carolina Ramos, Ihonatan Ruíz “El Tlaku-­h”, Andrea Belén Sansa
  • Music and sound design: Abigail Vásquez Duarte, Christian “Capo” Briseño
  • Stage lighting: Luis Manuel Aguilar “Mosco”*
  • Visual design, stage space, puppets and animation Design: Rita Basulto
  • Animation and compositing Design by Polar Studio: Héctor Fausto Vázquez, Ricardo Robles, Joss Rivera y Martín Zavala.
  • Original music and Theatrical Sound Design: Santiago Cumplido
  • Set construction: Adán Delgadillo
  • Costum design: Alondra García y Mireya Contreras
  • Training: Paloma Martínez Ortega
  • Marionetic team coordination: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Puppet fabrication: Claude Rodrigue, Américo García, Armando Hernández, Nicolás López, Iker Vicente Ertze, Humberto Galicia, Luisa Guzmán, Jorge Vite, Fernando Puga, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez.
  • Collaboration: Claudia Anguiano y Danitza Castañeda
  • Audio engineer: Jorge Andrés González Romero
  • Traspunte: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Projectionist: Armando González Cortés
  • Press and Publications: Perla Blas
  • Graphic design: Brenda Solís
  • Photography: Halejandro Cortés “Lobo”
  • Photography: Halejandro Cortés “Lobo”
  • Video: Luis Cortés
  • Production: Luna Morena, Experimental Puppet Workshop