Kanek: The Leyend of a Mayan Hero

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The play is based on the friendship between Jacinto Canek with Guy, a young descendant of landowners from Yucatán. Through this friendship, they show the human side of the cultural contact between indigenous and spanish-mestizos.
The story told by Exa, an indigenous old woman who recalls her childhood in the haciendas, makes us think about social injustice in which the indigenous communities of our country live without neglecting the poetry contained in the work of Ermilo Abreu.





  • Performers and Puppeteers:: Karina Hurtado, Ana Elisa Fernández, Armando Hernández, Andrés David, Ihonatan Ruíz, Meztli Robles
  • Live music: Ernesto Cano Lomelí, Ernesto Cano Martínez, Hector Aguilar, Rodrigo Peláez
  • Scenography: Rita Basulto
  • Puppet design and production: Claude Rodrigue
  • Puppets production assistants: Nicolás López, Hector Aguilar
  • Graphic design: Brenda Solís
  • Video editing: Juan José García
  • Scenophony: Gabriela Bautista
  • Lighting design: Luis Manuel Aguilar “Mosco”
  • Original Music: Saúl Ledesma “El Muerto”
  • Prehispanic instrumentation features: Ernesto Cano Lomelí
  • Costumes: Mireya Contreras
  • Advisers and body training: Sandra Soto, Paloma Martínez, Alfonsina Ríosantos
  • Direction: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Direction Assistant: Ivonne Delgadillo
  • Executive production: Ivonne Delgadillo
  • Production Assistant: Alejandro Morán
  • Realization: Luna Morena, Experimental Puppet Workshop
  • Production: Teatro Diana Cultura U d G