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The staging revolves around the story of a man who will interpret the role of “Jesus Christ” during the Holy Week. The man decides to make some changes to the texts of the representation in order to launch a new nation. The intent fails and he is imprisoned. His wife, Guadalupe, explains what happened to their teenager son who shows no interest whatsoever to what has happened to his father. He is absorbed in pages and videos on the Internet. Meanwhile, the community is celebrating ‘nahuales’ legends and the transformation of the Savior into a rabbit, a cactus and mezcal, metamorphoses derived from the name of our country. This tale aims at relating the mythical, ritual and political thought of our country and the changes our country is currently going through before the loss of the borders on the Internet and the change of paradigms of the western culture.





  • Author, director, sound, space and lighting design: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Artistic direction, puppet design and animation: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Executive producer: Aholibama Castañeda
  • Assistant director: Alejandro León
  • Assistant producer: Mariana de León
  • Costume designer, acting adviser: Esmirna Barrios
  • Costume assistant: Pepe Romero y Danitza Castañeda
  • Costume making: KREASKY
  • Technical manager: Américo García
  • Technical assistant: Francisco Ramírez, Gilberto Casas, Heriberto Estrada y Gerardo Jiménez
  • Sound engineer: Jorge A. González “Cuervo”
  • Luna Morena co-director and administrator: Ana Zatarain
  • Luna Morena sub-direction: Liliana Rojas
  • Luna Morena press and communication: Esteban Contreras
  • Luna Morena management: Vianey Pérez y Danitza Castañeda
  • Luna Morena general assistant: Luisa Guzmán
  • Puppet making: Américo García, Claude Rodrigue, Rita Basulto, Iker Vicente, Humberto Galicia, Armando Hernández, Nicolás López, Alondra García, Rubén Castellanos, Arturo Castellanos, Álvaro Sandoval, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Fernando Puga.
  • Image and illustration design: Lago ®; César Rocca, Humberto Vanhuten, René Hernández
  • LARVA Director: Lourdes Ariadna González Pérez; Operation manager, Salvador Rodríguez Guzmán; Administration,Teresa Beltrán Communication: Osvaldo Fabián Elizondo García, Areli Cortés, Manuel Auroze
  • LARVA Technicians: Óscar Moreno y Gerardo González.
  • Performers: Andrés David, Lorena Ricaño, Carolina Ramos, Fátima Ramírez, Daniel Macías, Oz Jiménez.